Below are the descriptions for the workshops we will be holding on Day 2 of the conference:

Conversations in Biophysics and Medical Physics

This workshop will be a Q&A panel featuring postdocs and PhD candidates in Applied Physics who will answer questions about graduate school programs, careers, and diversity in applied physics! 

Featured Speakers: 

Mary Lou Bailey (Yale, Applied Physics)

Maya Anjur-Dietrich (Harvard, Applied Physics)

Christina Caragine (NYU, Physics)

Anjelica Gonzalez (Yale, Biomedical Engineering)

Location: SCL 18

“What I Wish I Knew About Grad School” Panel

This session will be a Q&A style panel about all things physics graduate school, including the application process and living life as a PhD student

Location: YSB C142

Climate Physics

Come for a panel of professors and researchers in geophysics who will talk about their career paths and why they chose to work in geophysics, as well as answer questions about current opportunities in geophysics and how to get involved. They will also speak about the importance of their work in the face of current time-sensitive issues such as climate change.

Location: YSB 153

Impact of the Atom 

Born in secrecy, the power of the atom was revealed to the world over Hiroshima in 1945. Since then, the atom has touched every facet of our lives. In this workshop Professor Shelly Lesher introduces issues on how the atom has impacted the world using a multidisciplinary approach.

Location: SPL 51

The Physics of Bubbles

Join the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design for a fun, interactive workshop exploring the surprisingly complex mathematics behind bubbles. Dr. Larry Wilen will use bubbles to illuminate topics such as the science of grain boundaries and the math of shortest distance problems.

Location: Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design

Practical Skills 

Come join the Yale Office of Career Strategy to learn how to effectively tell your story when searching for technical jobs, negotiate salaries, and network.

Location: SPL 52

Theoretical and Computational Physics

This will be a panel-style session, with panelists from different institutions at different stages of their careers of theoretical physics. We will discuss the science, career advice, and personal experiences being a woman in theory. Please come if you would like to learn about different subfields of theoretical physics.

Featured Speakers:

Sally Dawson (Brookhaven National Lab Scientist)
Luna Zagorac (Yale PhD student)

Rachel Cooper (Yale PhD student)

Mina Himwhich (Harvard PhD student)  

Katelin Schutz (MIT postdoc)

Location: SCL 23

Careers Tangential to Physics

A physics degree doesn’t have to limit you to a traditional career path in research or academia. Come hear from, and ask questions of, some incredible women about how they found their way into unique and unexpected careers in industry, policy, and education. Who knows, you might find out about careers you never considered or even knew existed!

Featured Speakers:

Shauna Edson, Astronomy Educator at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

Jacqueline Townsend, Program Manager for NASA’s Astrophysics Strategic Missions Program
Michelle Nearon, Yale Senior Associate Dean for Grad Student Development and Diversity
Gabriela Ilie, PhD, Senior Application Scientist for Mirion Technologies
Location: YSB 253
Quantum Information and Applied Physics

This workshop will be a Q&A panel featuring postdocs and PhD candidates in Applied Physics who will answer questions about graduate school programs, careers, and diversity in applied physics

Featured Speakers:

 Shruti Puri (Postdoc at Yale)

Christa Fluhmann (Postdoc at Yale)

Jayameenakshi Venkatraman (Yale PhD Candidate)

Location: SCL 19

Science Communication

Learn about the science journalism business from New York Times columnist and author of 13 books, Carl Zimmer. Delve into the day-to-day life of a science writer.

Location: SPL 48

Pocket AI and Neural Networks with Mathworks 

Want to learn more about trends like AI, IoT and wearable tech? We will cut through the hype by building a “smart” fitness tracker using your own mobile device.

Location: SPL 57

Middle School and High School Outreach

This workshop will focus on programs to engage local middle and high school students in science and engineering. It will discuss the importance of such outreach programs, and walk through hands-on activities that have been successful here at Yale. Workshop participants will make small demos that they are able to take home with them

Location: SPL 56